Saturday, January 31, 2009

Notebook on Cities and Clothes

I've always been a fan of Wim Wenders; Wings of Desire is one of my favorite films of all time and Paris, Texas is fantastic. Harry Dean Stanton's performance in the latter is impecable by the way. Anyway, this film caught my eye at work the other day as I hadn't really heard much about it and I was pleasantly surprised.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes is a film documenting designer Yohji Yamamoto's creative process and comparing his method to Wender's own. The film explores notions of art in film and is especially concerned with the introduction of digital video in the late eighties. It looks at the concept of identity and how we relate ourselves to the clothes we wear and how the filmmaker identifies himself in his art. All in all, the flick was very interesting and quite entertaining. Another great film by Wenders. Give it a gander.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes

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