Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NBA's lovliest voice

So the NBA is littered with terrible rappers, but what about singing talent? Well lets take a look.

Lebron James

Not a bad falsetto. Whats that move at :25?

Shaquille O'Neal

Mind of a 10 year old. Fingers always covered in melted chocolate I bet. Feel bad for that bus. Everyone's forced to laugh at his terrible jokes instead of giving him wedgies.

Ron Artest

Another prime example of Ron Ron`s wonderful wonderful insanity. Here`s another. And another.

Greg Oden

Nice to see him upbeat.

Maurice Cheeks

Warms your heart a little bit don't it. Flat out saves the day. The greatest pregame national anthem moment ever in my opinion. This comes a close second. And this a very close third.

Jerry Stackhouse

What a hunk. Stack`s a smoothie with a voice like butter.
We have a winner.

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