Thursday, January 28, 2010

NFL Mock Draft Part 2

6. Seattle Seahawks

Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

If Clausen goes to the Redskins, Seattle could be looking at Bradford as their option at quarterback. Carroll will be in his first draft at the helm of the Seahawks and will look to start building his team around the position. Even with tons of talent still available, it will be hard for him to pass on either Clausen or Bradford. Tebow's too big of a gamble at this high of a pick; after his performance in the Senior Bowl, he looks like he needs a bit of work on his passing game. Haden, Morgan, and McClain, or one of the many offensive tackles still on the board: Williams, Davis, or Campbell, are still all valid options, as are any of the guys who slip down to sixth if Bradford goes earlier. There are option, it just all comes down to how St. Louis decides to start everything off.

7. Cleveland Browns

Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Haden seems like a good score for the Browns, as the fifth-overall ranked college player should slip a few spots due to teams filling their needs. I was really happy with the way the Browns finished up the season this year, finishing with 4 straight wins and close losses against the Chargers and the Bengals the weeks prior. They still need a lot of work but stretching for a quarterback at this juncture would prove fruitless. They'll need to build a defense and Haden seems like a good pick. They'll just need to grab a franchise quarterback at some point down the road before they're ready to make the Dog Pound excited for a trip to the postseason. Haden is the premium cornerback available in the draft, and he'll fill that position for the Browns for years to come, but it's still up in the air as to whether Brady Quinn can really fill out the role.

8. Oakland Raiders

Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

With the top quarterbacks off the board, Oakland will try to build around the position by protecting what they do have. Davis is probably the best option here, although Campbell may also be in consideration if Davis is already gone. With the mess in Oakland, no player is going to have an impact right away, but Al Davis would be smart to grab a premium left tackle. There are a few other ways to go, McClain, Dunlap, and Griffen for example, but Davis has improved a lot and seems like the most NFL-ready of the remaining left tackles. Players to avoid: Derrick Morgan and Taylor Mays. Their stocks have been dropping and although the Raiders need help on defense, Dunlap or Griffen would be better picks in my opinion.

9. Buffalo Bills

Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

I think the Bills are really hoping to get a quarterback or offensive tackle at this position, and they may end up taking either Bruce Campbell or stretching for Tebow. I still think ninth is a little high for the Florida QB, however, given his Senior Bowl performance thus far, and Campbell's games missed due to injury last season severely lower his stock. I think the Bills will play it safe and go with a top ranked lineman, especially one who comes off a BCS winning team who has victory in his eyes. Never underestimate the confidence of playing for a winning team, and confidence is something the Bills are in dire need of. That being said, if by chance Davis or one of the two star quarterbacks are left at this juncture, McClain could be a steal for teams later in the draft looking to bolster their defense.

10. Denver Broncos

Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

What is Brian Xander going to do with Kyle Orton if he has nobody to throw to? With Marshall causing a stink in Denver, they're going to have to unload him during the offseason, which means a new, young wide receiver is a must in this draft. Unfortunately there are few of those to go around, especially this high up. Denver could manage to trade Marshall for, amongst other things, a lower first-round pick and go after Golden Tate, Brandon Lafell, or even Jordan Shipley in the second round; chances are they'll stick with Bryant though. If the Broncos do keep Marshall, they'll be looking to fortify their defense. Carlos Dunlap would be a good fit here at defensive end so look for him to be their alternate pick.


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